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Missoula Freestyle - Est. 1992


Our Mission

The Missoula Freestyle Team, 501(c)(3) has been shredding at Snowbowl since the late 80’s. Recently, two MFT members were named to the U.S. Ski Team. We emphasize all mountain riders with the technical skills to ride any mountain in any condition. We have a knowledgeable coaching staff with years of competition and coaching experience. We love teaching athletes to take their love for riding to the next level. Come and ski on our competition mogul course and our terrain park. We will teach you to shred.




Missoula Freestyle has been a facet in the winter sports community for decades- U.S. Ski Team members, National Champions and World Cup competitors comprise our coaching staff and committee members.

Sport is challenging- we strive to provide each and every one of our Missoula Freestyle members with the tools necessary to battle adversity, accept challenges and to improve one's self.

We want each and every one of our team members to carry with them the skills and knowledge they've experienced beyond their time with us. We instill fun, hardworking, and positive values..

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."


Coaching Staff


CURT TEMPLE, Co-Director





Donovan Power grew up in the Missoula Freestyle program. He is a former national champion and US Ski Team member. He began skiing on the MFT when he was 11 and began coaching for the team when he was 22. Now the co-director of MFT with Curt he will be involved in all levels of MFT. He enjoys “shredding the gnar” and laughing about how silly that sounds.

Curt is the godfather of Missoula Freestyle. He has been coaching with MFT since its inception. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Curt will be able to guide you toward your shredding dreams. Curt is a Jr. Comp team coach, co-director of MFT, and all around mountain shredder. Curt is a former pro-mogul champion with a very impressive spread eagle.



Landon is a veteran U.S. Ski Team member with years of World Cup mogul skiing experience. He is a Missoula native that grew up skiing on the Missoula Freestyle team and a long time contributor as a coach. Since Landon retired from the U.S. Team in 2012 he can now be found with a shovel or his powder boards in hand. He is the newest and most exciting off-season addition to our coaching line-up. Landon simply shreds harder than everyone at Snowbowl, period.

Long time Director of the Missoula Freestyle Team, legendary owner of World Mogul Camp in Whistler, BC., pro mountain biker, former holder of the popcorn shrimp record at the now extinct Sizzler Missoula Restaurant (Eric Bergoust cooked the shrimp), Father of one, and all around great guy.....Joe Chalmers is the real deal.  Joe just returned from managing one of the largest ski shops on the west coast outside of Seattle, Washington.  He brings a lifetime of competition experience, coaching experience, and technical prowess that will have you better just by hanging out with the guy.  He is the best coach ever....period...seriously.


NATHAN "TATER" MOON, Development Coach


KOREY WOLFERMAN, Development Coach

Tater was one of the first skiers on the MFT team and has been coaching on the team for over 20 years. He heads up the devo-program and is a MFT legend. Tater will show you how to ski the whole mountain and keep you laughing continuously all the way up the Griz lift (the man likes jokes). Tater is a former Northern Division competitor and a Snowbowl fixture.

Korey Wolferman has been coaching with MFT since its inception.  Korey is a middle school health and physical education teacher here in Missoula.  She cut her teeth in the freestyle world in the late 80s and early 90s when she was Montana's tog gun female athlete.  She works exclusively with the Devo Team hand in hand with Tater.  She will shepherd you from newbie to confident mountain shredder.


JOE DILLON, Freeride Coach


MORE COACHES, To Be Announced

Joe Dillon is our head Freeride coach. He grew up on MFT and was one of the first skiers that we had in our Freeride program. Joe maintains the freeride park at Snowbowl and is the welder and designer of all of our rails. Joe is an excellent all around skier with a very approachable attitude. Joe will make sure you can shred the whole mountain and keep it stylish in the park.

We fill out our roster with known and proven coaches.  We have a long list of people to draw from but only the most compassionate, hard working, and skilled coaches will do.  Come and meet the coaches at sign up night or on the hill.

Missoula Freestyle Programs



The competition team is geared toward athletes that would like to take their skiing to the next level. We train Saturdays and Sundays and travel to competitions around the state and beyond. The comp team is designed for athletes that want to learn how to ski and compete in a competitive environment. We have trained past and current US Ski Team members and provide a training facility that is literally second to none. Come up and see us any time on Sunrise Bowl




The Junior Comp Team is meant for those athletes that want to step up from the Devo Team but aren't quite ready for the Comp Team.  We will ski the mogul course almost every day but we will also ski all around the mountain.  Curt and Donovan will switch back and forth coaching the Junior Comp Team.  Junior Comp skis every Saturday and Sunday that the Comp Team is in town.  The Junior Comp Team does not travel but has the opportunity to compete at the Snowbowl contests.  It is the stepping stone to the Comp Team.




The devo team is designed to teach athletes to ski the whole mountain and enjoy it. We emphasize mogul skiing but ski all around the mountain every day. Whether you use it as a stepping stone to the comp team or an avenue to all mountain shredding, we will make you a good skier. The devo team meets once a week and has access to all of our coaches and facilities. Includes a 3-day Christmas Camp and 10 Saturdays.




Little riders is geared toward teaching young athletes to ski the whole mountain. We want to teach basic all mountain skiing to a little younger audience. If you can put on your own equipment after a fall and have a desire to learn to shred then this is the program for you. Little riders meets once a week with skiers of like age and ability. We have coaches that are trained and excel at showing children how to shred.






More Fun With Missoula Freestyle



High level program. On snow training is twice per week, every Saturday and Sunday after Christmas through the first of March. The Freeride Competition Team emphasizes park skiing and preparation for Freeride competitions.. Includes a 3 day Christmas Camp and 10 Saturdays. The Freeride Competition Team is designed to help you progress your Freeride skills in preparation for bigger stages. We have the only terrain park at Snowbowl and it is only open for our team. We will ride rails, tabletops, hips and the whole mountain. The Freeride Competition Team meets twice a week.


Entry level program. On snow training is one day per week, every Saturday from after Christmas through the first of March. The Freeride/All Mountain Team trains in mogul skiing, all mountain skiing, and jumping on and off the mogul course. The Freeride/All Mountain Team emphasizes park skiing as well. The Freeride Team is designed to teach you how to ski the whole mountain but with an emphasis on new school skiing. We have the only terrain park at Snowbowl and it is only open for our team. We will teach you big mountain skiing techniques as well as the ability to jump and hit rails. The Freeride Team meets once a week like the Devo Team and can be interchanged at any time with the Devo Team.



The MFT snowboard coaches are experienced in all forms/styles of riding, from park rails and jumps to technical steep lines. It is the goal of the snowboard program to help each member progress and improve their riding skills over the whole mountain, while allowing time for individual goals to be reached. It's all about progression and having fun!


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